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Almost a Year

It has been almost a year since the publication of Made By Hand At Home. I have been so grateful for the response to the book and for the opportunities that have arisen from it. It was published in time for the school holidays with the hope that it would offer parents ideas for fun projects. Copies ordered via my website will now come with a supplementary page of some of the projects that I have created since the book was published.

york hospital 2d exhibition lucy monkman

Exhibitions at York Hospital

At the end of last year I was invited to exhibit in the 2D and in the 3D art spaces at York Hospital. For the 3D space I was asked to display some of the projects that I created from recyclable materials for the book. The projects all use items widely available in the home. The only additional art and craft supply that I do recommend is a large hole punch. I used one to create a number of the characters that can be seen in my 3D exhibition.

For my 2D exhibition I have explored the possibilities of using a small and a large hole punch to create a series of illustrations with paper and card. Except for the one larger abstract all the framed illustrations are £45.00 each with 10% of the sale price being donated to the Art and Design fund within York Teaching Hospital Charity. Thank you so much to Elly Ross for taking photographs of the 2D exhibition and to Rachael Daggett and Elly Ross from the Arts Team for all their kind work on my behalf.

crafts creations and storytelling workshops

Visual Literacy Festival

Reading Pictures: Seeing Stories is a visual literacy festival organised by The Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians. The idea behind the festival is to encourage children to be able to ‘read’ images to help them understand the world. For the festival this year I am running a series of workshops in which children will create characters from a random selection of packaging that I have been collecting. They will then tell a story with the characters that they have created.