Home Sweet Home

The new Home Sweet Home collection of greeting cards and ceramic mugs is now available. The designs in this collection feature familiar objects in the home and a few much loved animal friends as well. This has been my first experience of the mug printing world and it has been quite an adventure discovering the variables of printing on ceramic rather than on paper. The ceramic mugs are dishwasher safe and they are available in four different colours for the home. They are supplied in super mug boxes for a rather handy present.

floral greeting cards bloom july offer

In Celebration of the Floral

In our city this week we are celebrating the 250 year anniversary of the Ancient Society of York Florists which is the oldest horticultural society in the world. The festival has a wide range of events and workshops all with a floral theme and there are wonderful floral displays to be seen and to be admired. The floral greeting cards are also in bloom with a special price this month.

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Etsy Shop

We have finally had weeks of wonderful spring sunshine in the UK and with spring I now have a selection of products available on EtsyUK including greeting cards, pocket mirrors and the new personalised Smile Prints. The prints are perfect gifts for new babies, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries or for any occasion for someone special. I will be regularly adding to the Etsy shop so please do look out for new listings and for new products: and I do hope that you are enjoying sunshine as well.