crafts creations and storytelling workshops

Visual Literacy Festival

Reading Pictures: Seeing Stories is a visual literacy festival organised by The Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians. The idea behind the festival is to encourage children to be able to ‘read’ images to help them understand the world. For the festival this year I am running a series of workshops in which children will create characters from a random selection of packaging that I have been collecting. They will then tell a story with the characters that they have created.

animals with spoon ears

Ideas for Projects

After a recent cup of coffee with a friend I kept our wooden spoons. I had an idea to make a rabbit decoration for spring. As I moved the wooden spoons around I saw a mouse, a cat and a bush baby. There are many other animal possibilities and I would love to see any that may be created. Following the publication of my book I regularly post ideas for projects and I hope very much that they may be useful.

festive wooden utensils workshop

Festive Workshop

Here are the details of my last workshop of 2021.