Instagram and the New Floral Greeting Card Range

instagram new floral greeting card range

Earlier this year following numerous recommendations I finally joined Instagram. After setting up my account I found that I was unable to post. My teenage son explained to me that Instagram was actually a smartphone app which was why I was having such limited success on my desktop. He tried to download the app on my iPhone but apparently my mobile was too old. This event created a moment of huge change for me as I decided that rather than updating my mobile I would buy an iPad Pro. It was going to be an expensive way to join Instagram but it was going to allow me to hopefully improve my photography and excitingly to learn a new method of working. I actually went to the shop on my own without a teenager for technical assistance and bought one. My children were amazed and I have been too as I absolutely love it. The Apple Pencil is still in the box but over the last few months I have been drawing with my finger on the screen and getting a feel for how to draw in this completely different way. The spring time inspired me to experiment with natural forms. From my early drawings I developed my first range of digitally created greeting cards and my first range of floral designs. I am delighted to launch the new range with the launch of the new website and this summer I am looking forward to charging that Apple Pencil.

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