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Working with Cardboard

I discovered the fantastic on Facebook. The account and the website offers ‘the world of children in one click’ and I particularly enjoy seeing all the arts and the crafts projects. There are also many more ideas for families and for outdoor activities for families in the beautiful region of Catalonia. This week an…

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Bertie’s A to Z Offer

The lovely makes fun and functional dog walking bags. The business was named after the family dog Bertie who is a black Cockapoo. In March he has created an A to Z of independent businesses offering dog related products. I am delighted to be Bertie’s letter L and I have an offer on my…

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Dots for Cats and Dogs

When I first started designing greeting cards they were all handmade and so too is my latest range. I have combined my love of simplicity in design with my love of paper dots using paper dots for noses of cats and dogs. The designs are available in shades of greens and blues, in shades of…

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Projects for Children

In these extraordinarily difficult times for my own well-being and hopefully for some fun I am posting regular art projects for children on my social media. For this project I have looked at different shades of green in our garden. I have drawn these illustrations digitally but pen and paper would be perfect with handwritten…

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